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A year in China: bad air, bad debt

Dec 30, 2013
This was the year of "forced transparency" in China, exposing bad debt and bad pollution.
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The anatomy of a Shanghai land grab: Residents kidnapped, their homes destroyed

Oct 16, 2013
Local governments in China have taken the homes of at least 40 million people, selling that land to developers, in order to keep GDP growth figures well into the black.
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Inside the world of China's "shadow banks"

Oct 3, 2013
Most small businesses in China can’t get a simple loan from a bank. The practice of 'shadow lending' has grown so fast, it's now estimated to be worth 70 percent of China's GDP.
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7.6%: What China's slowdown feels like

Sep 17, 2013
China's economy is starting to slow down. While 7.6 percent GDP growth sounds great to us, the average Chinese citizen is already feeling the sting.
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The mystery behind China's GDP growth figures

Jul 15, 2013
China's own premier has called China's growth figures 'manmade.' Find out what's behind the economic growth numbers of the world's second largest economy.
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In China, a replica of Manhattan loses its luster

Jul 3, 2013
The port city of Tianjin has taken on billions of dollars of debt building a city that looks exactly like Manhattan. It hopes to become one of the financial centers of the world. But China's economy is slowing down, and developers and investors are pulling out of the project.
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The numbers for July 3, 2013: China's Manhattan


The percentage of Tianjin’s fixed-asset investment to GDP in 2012. The national average ratio is 43 percent. (Tianjin Statistics Bureau)


Tianjin Municipal Government’s debt ratio in 2009, near three times of the internationally accepted alarm level. (National Development and Reform Center)

1,929 feet

The height of the Rockefeller Center tower under construction in Yujiapu. (Xinhua News)

$627 billion

The total amount of debt that local governments in China have amassed by the end of 2012, up 13 percent from 2010. (National Audit Office)

$2 trillion

China’s local government debt at the end of 2012, equal to one-fourth of China’s GDP.(Fitch Ratings)


The estimated number of people relocated for the construction of Yujiapu area. (Bloomberg)

$45 billion

Amount of debt that Tianjin Infrastructure Construction and Investment Group, a local government-owned entity that’s helping finance Yujiapu recorded in 2011, more than any ...

Jul 3, 2013

Will China bring its 'shadow banks' out of the shadows?

Jun 26, 2013
Chinese markets have been on a roller coaster ride ever since the government froze lending between banks last week to combat so-called 'shadow banking'. Where does the world's second biggest economy go from here?
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Markets continue to fall in China after lending freeze

Jun 24, 2013
The key stock index in Shanghai fell 5.3 percent today. The loss, the worst in 4 years, comes after China’s central bank froze lending between the country's financial institutions last week.
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Why China's credit crunch is our problem

Jun 21, 2013
China is feeling a credit crunch, after China’s central bank froze lending between China's financial institutions this week.
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