Goodbye Google Reader, hello, what?

So long Google Reader. Hello, what?

Google Reader is dead. The company pulled the plug on the popular RSS reader Monday. Millions once used it to keep track of websites and blogs all in one place, and now those disappointed users are up for grabs.

Gizmodo reporter Eric Limer joins Marketplace's Mark Garrison to discuss Feedly, Digg Reader and other options. Looking to make the switch? Gizmodo recommends the following alternative services:

  • Feedly
  • Digg Reader
  • AOL Reader
  • NewsBlur
  • The Old Reader
  • NetVibes
  • Pulse
  • Flipboard
  • Zite
  • Twitter

Click here to read Gizmodo's review of each option.

About the author

Mark Garrison is a reporter and substitute host for Marketplace, based in New York.


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