Hacking away at summer camp

School's out, which means millions of American kids are off at camp, pitching tents, roasting marshmallows -- or, hacking. The online security firm ESET runs a camp for young hackers that encourages them to use their skills for good, not evil.

Marketplace Tech Reporter Queena Kim, who has visited the camp, joins Tech host Mark Garrison to discuss.

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Queena Kim covers technology for Marketplace. She lives in the Bay Area.
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Really? This is what a parent chooses for a child's summertime pursuit? How about hacking some wood for a night of creative storytelling around a campfire? Less likelihood of poor moral choice-making after camp is over.

P.S. If that idea sounds more attractive than breaking into databases, the 100+ year-old Vermont boys', girls' and family camps of The Aloha Foundation offer blissfully technology-free outdoor experiences for otherwise media-saturated children. See www.alohafoundation.org .

I am a subscriber and enjoy Marketplace every AM. However, I was trying to listen to this story but the many "kinda" and "sorta" modifiers were very annoying. Could you clean up your grammar at Marketplace and avoid using these improper modifiers and replace them with real words? So sloppy.

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