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Financial Feud: Separate vs. Joint marital finances

Jun 27, 2013
Brice and his wife keep their finances separate but constantly argue when it comes to paying bills. She wants to keep things split. He wants to budget better for joint expenses. Our experts offer advice.
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Financial Feud: Gifts vs. Retirement savings

Jun 27, 2013
Have you ever received a gift from someone but wished the person had just saved their money instead? Our experts help Cristeta resolve the financial feud she's been having with her mother. See what they say and weigh in.
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Financial Feud: Spending windfall vs. Investing it

Jun 27, 2013
Glen and his bride-to-be once fought over what to do with a $10,000 insurance windfall. He wanted to blow the money on a $10,000 bike, she wanted to invest it. Whose side are you on?
Posted In: spending habits, insurance, bike

Financial Feud: Tipping vs. Stiffing for bad service

Jun 27, 2013
Have you ever stiffed a waiter for bad service, or do you think they deserve a tip no matter what? Weigh in and help a listener named Briana resolve the spat she had with her husband.
Posted In: tipping, food costs

Financial Feud: Keep it private vs. Share your story

Jun 27, 2013
Would you feel comfortable sharing your personal finances with a national news organization (like Marketplace Money, for example)? A listener named Jay did. His wife did not. Find out what happened.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Budgeting

Financial Feud: Buy organics vs. Be frugal

Jun 27, 2013
What do you think of organic groceries? Worth paying more for or a waste of money? Our experts offer advice to a listener from Atlanta, Georgia. See what they say and tell us whose side you're on.
Posted In: food costs, organics

Financial Feud: Rent an apartment vs. A home

Jun 27, 2013
Sean and his wife can't agree on where to live. She wants to rent a single-family home. He wants to move into a smaller place and spend as little as possible. Who has the stronger argument? Hear from our experts.
Posted In: rent, Budgeting, debt

Financial Feud: Buy a Jacuzzi vs. Save the money

Jun 27, 2013
A listener from Seattle, Wash. recently argued with his wife over a Jacuzzi. She wants one. He thinks it's a bad investment. Who's right? Find out what our experts say.
Posted In: big-ticket purchases

Financial Feud: Grocery Cost vs. Quality

Jun 25, 2013
Do you think quality groceries are worth the extra cost or a waste of money? A listener named Maura has been debating the issue with her husband. See what our experts say and weigh in.
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Financial feuds: When personal finance gets (really) personal

Jun 21, 2013
For the past few weeks, we've been asking listeners in our Public Insight Network one question: What was your last fight over money about? Now, we want you to weigh in.
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