Marketplace Tech's Drone Roundup

Maintenence personel check a Predator drone operated by U.S. Office of Air and Marine (OAM), before its surveillance flight near the Mexican border on March 7, 2013 from Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Web forums in the U.K. are buzzing about photos depicting a possible weaponized drone in China. Wired Magazine reports experts are pointing to the so called Li-Jian -- or Sharp Sword -- an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. A recent Pentagon report predicts the Chinese military will soon unveil new long-range drones.

Domestic drones are getting more attention from the government in New Jersey. State legislators want to restrict all drone use in the state unless there's a terrorist attack. A more lenient bill is also being considered. It would allow firefighters and police to use unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are now saying a drone in Saskatchewan saved a life. An unnamed motorist who flipped his car at night in near-freezing temperatures was able to contact police, but couldn't guide them to his location. A regular helicopter equipped with night vision was unable to help. Enter a Draganflyer drone. It pinpointed the man's heat signature with its infrared camera, and emergency responders were able to get him to a hospital for treatment.

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