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The numbers for August 26, 2013: That's worth what?

$750 million

The U.S. Open tennis tournament dubs itself as the biggest annual sporting event in the world, by attendance. Event organizers also say it brings in $200 million more to New York than the Super Bowl. (Marketplace)

$3.5 billion

A filing in Delaware shows that taxi-alternative and transportation company Uber is valued far higher than most imagined, in part because the company reports it is on track to bring in $125 million in revenue in 2013. (AllThingsD)

1 million

A cockroach "prison break" in China reportedly means the insects are on the loose near a village in China. A farmer was raising them to sell for traditional, medicinal purposes. (Discovery News)

Aug 26, 2013

The numbers for August 23, 2013: All the tech that's fit to print

12 months

The amount of time Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has left at the helm of the company. Ballmer announced today that he will stay on until the tech giant finds his replacement. (USA Today)

1 in 5
One in five Americans do not use the Internet at all. Private companies (such as Facebook) and public agencies (such as the FCC) are trying to change this. (NYT)


The percent of daily active Facebook users who visit the social networking site from their mobile devices. Test your knowledge of the week's tech numbers with our quiz Silicon Tally. (Marketplace)

Aug 23, 2013

The numbers for August 22, 2013: Beneath and below

197 million

Yahoo's July unique visitor number beat Google for the first time since 2011, but there's a catch beneath the ComScore data. (MarketWatch)

$1.2 million

A hedge fund manager is using deep pockets to make a very deep basement. The London multi-millionaire has to pay the local government a fee of more than $1.2 million for clearance to build a luxurious two-story basement under his mansion, complete with a pool and spa. So-called "iceberg homes" are growing in London. (Daily Mail)

Aug 22, 2013

The numbers for August 21, 2013: Survey says!


We've got a new survey of the most -- and least -- respected brands, according to CoreBrand. The consulting firm has Coke and Pepsi tied for first. At the bottom of the list is Delta, along with Philip Morris, H&R Block and Denny's. (Yahoo! Finance)


The age we start acting just like our parents, according to a survey by website Don't belive them? Check out their roundup of the 50 signs you are becoming your parents. (Daily Mail)


The average annual family health care premium rose 4 percent in 2013, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation's annual survey. While that rate of growth greatly outpaces wage increases, it is modest compared to health care cost gains of the previous decade. (NYT)

Aug 21, 2013

Al Jazeera America's CEO: U.S. will accept channel

Aug 20, 2013
At the Aspen Ideas Festival earlier this year, Al Jazeera America's interim CEO talked about why he is so confident in the channel's U.S. success.
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Maria Sharapova considered name change to Sugarpova

Aug 20, 2013
Tennis superstar flirts with ridiculous name change, decides against it -- and reaps the PR benefits.
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Our gold box of Amazon's best reviews

Aug 20, 2013
A compilation of the funniest customer reviews for Amazon products.
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The numbers for August 20, 2013: Foods and flavors


AirAsia Japan will now become Vanilla Air. Executives chose the new name from over 200 other options. The airline's president says the name stuck because vanilla is "loved by everyone in the world." (Telegraph)


The going price of a bag of Doritos on eBay. These are special chips, of course. The bags were distributed by Seattle police at the city's annual Hempfest and bare stickers cheekily explaining to stoners what is an isn't allowed under Washington's marijuana law. (Seattle P-I)


Fusion cooking is nothing new: Think Tex-Mex or barbecue chicken pizza. But what about the latest crop of remixes -- cronuts, pizzabons, and ramen burgers? Check our ranking of the five best and worst current food mash-ups. (Marketplace)

Aug 20, 2013

The best and worst of food mashups

Aug 20, 2013
From the cronut and ramen burger to the chicken-and-waffle taco -- some food combos cash in, while others fade away.
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The business of Oprah's couch

Aug 19, 2013
Oprah Winfrey may not have her network daytime TV show anymore, but she's still boosting her cable network with her big interviews.
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