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The European Central Bank has given Cyprus until Monday to come up with a plan to raise billions of dollars and avoid bankruptcy.  We take a look at the long weekend ahead for the small island nation. And in the meantime, we examine a tax fraud case in the UK that calls to mind the award-winning movie Argo. Argo is the story of a fake Hollywood movie set up in order to rescue American hostages in Iran. But in the British case, the fake movie had a less noble aim -- collecting $4.2 million in free money. Plus, we talk to Wesley Morris of Grantland about how the hotel chain Marriott is trying to get in on the marketing for the movie 42, about Jackie Robinson. And squirrel pot pie, groundhog hoagies and creamed coon casserole! Montana is considering a law that would allow residents to salvage roadkill for human consumption. We look at all the juicy details.