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The European Central Bank has given Cyprus four days to agree on a new plan to raise billions of dollars and avoid bankruptcy. As desperation sets in, we examine  some of the plan B's, C's and D's that Cyprus has been considering. In the meantime, with March Madness underway, Stephen Dubner of Freakonics Radio looks at the NCAA tournament and the big bucks it brings in for TV broadcasters. Plus, we discuss the case of Russian accountant  Sergei Magnitsky, who goes on trial Friday in Moscow for tax offenses. The case is astonishing for two reasons: Magnitski is patently and demonstrably innocent of the charges ... and he's dead. And we check in with Ken Lennox,  a cattle rancher from Rolla, Missouri, to see how his land is holding up, after severe droughts crippled much of the Midwest last year.