How long would it take to see all of the Oscar nominated films?

Ahead of the 2013 Academy Awards this weekend, the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini set out to calculate how long it would take someone to actually watch every film nominee before the ceremony. Plus, how much would it cost?

Time to see every Oscar nominated film: 99 hours -- just a little over four days.

Cost to see all nine Best Picture nominees this weekend: $60 at AMC.

See Bellini's calculations in the video below and check out his recommendations for where to watch this year's films.

How to Cram for the Oscars (via WSJ)


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Jason Bellini has not done his homework--let alone come close to being a true Oscar aficionado. He states in his video for WSJ that there are 43 features and 10 shorts. DUH. There are 15 shorts--5 in each category of documentary, animated, and live action for a total of 15. And 38 features. I have seen 51 of the 53 nominations (War Witch - Canada and Kon-Tiki - Norway have not been released to US theaters) and reviewed 48 of them so far http://curtcritic.blogspot.com, and find it odd that you would employ the lack of expertise of someone who is obviously not in the least a movie fan--let alone knowledgeable. Please, at least use someone who cares enough to do the proper research even if he's not going to bother seeing the movies.

It was stated in this story that you could get "Argo" on iTunes, but that you would have to buy it for $20 because they don't offer it for rent. This is not true. I rented it 2 days ago for $5. Just wanted to log the correction.

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