Who picked the word 'sequester' anyway?

A final thought, which goes like this. We've just gotta find a new word for "sequester." Because really, it's just not fun to say -- or hear. At least "fiscal cliff" had a certain ring to it, even though we didn't really love that either.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to get some traction for "Obamaquester." Funny, if not entirely accurate.

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It's worth remaining aware of the source of the sequester. Thus 'cliffquester'.

Also, suggests some's determination to find a cliff to jump off... in order to prove, 'government doesn't work'.

Sequester means "remove". Inaccurate. It should be "cut".

Let's just call it the federal haircut. A little off all over, please, to get us through the next six weeks (or months) without any improvement to our dowdy "look." Another opportunity to do something daring missed.

Kyle, I can't come up with one word for this nonsense, but w/ apologies to English teachers everywhere:
"Congressional jesters
talk on--of sequesters.
And blame others; same old song.

And as the wound festers,
the Congress just pesters.
Can't we just all get along?"

budget "liposanctions"

lipos = relating to fat;
sanctions = measures taken by a nation to coerce another.

Let's name it for the person most famous for indiscriminately swinging an axe and hurting people who cared about her: Lizzie Borden. The term should be "Bordening."


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