Florida considers cheaper tuition for math, science majors

Florida is considering incentivizing students to pursue degrees most needed for the job market by cutting tuition rates for majors like science, engineering and math.

In Florida, Governor Rick Scott's Education Task Force is proposing a number of reforms.

One of them would incentivize students to pursue degrees most needed for Florida's job market by cutting tuition rates for majors like science, engineering and math.

"We have students across the board that are pursuing baccalaureate degrees that might be better targeted if they would look at much needed associates degrees or certifications," says Dale Brill, head of the Governor's Education Task Force. "We're trying to drive information and a market dynamic into the system."

Brill notes Florida has a shortage of welders, land surveyors and other technical jobs that could be addressed through such incentives.

While critics of the proposal worry that students may pursue areas of study not suited to their skillsets or passions, Brill insists the program simply enhances students' decision making process.

To hear more about the proposed education reforms in Florida, click on the audio player above.




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