Now Playing: 1-10-13 Marketplace Tech: Can Polaroid Reinvent Itself in The Digital Era?

One company you wouldn't necessarily expect to be at a giant conference about the technology of the future: Polaroid. But the company has been around for 75 years, says CEO Scott Hardy, and it plans to be just as relevant now as it was when it was making goggles for World War II fighter pilots. How? Fotobars, for one. But the company also just released a new iM1836 camera that runs Android Jelly Bean and can upload the shots you take with the help of WiFi. Meanwhile Engadget's senior reviews editor Dana Wollman says that despite all the 3D hype of recent years, television manufacturers at International CES this year are touting not 3D, but 4K TVs. Also, when it comes to weather mapping, what's Australian for "hot"? The color purple. Now that temperatures got so sweltering, meteorologists had to add a new shade of heat.