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Does Obama fashion trickle down to JCrew?

Jan 22, 2013
Michelle Obama has long been the trendsetter; now it's her daughters' clothes that are turning heads.
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Born on Inauguration Day: Where we go from here

Jan 21, 2013
People born on Inauguration Days past talk about how it's affected their lives and how American has changed in their lifetimes.
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Inauguration goes social with first smartphone app

Jan 21, 2013
Politico's senior technology reporter Steve Friess says if you look to the past, inaugurations have never really been a showcase for technology.
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Born on Inauguration Day: How America has changed

Jan 21, 2013
Reflecting on what it's like to be born on Inauguration Day, and how America has changed over time.
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Notable firsts in inauguration history

Jan 18, 2013
Tradition and ritual play major roles on Inauguration Day. Here are some of the firsts, both quirky and significant, that have occurred throughout history.
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Born on Inauguration Day: Why it's special

Jan 18, 2013
Reflecting on what it's like to be born on Inauguration Day, and how America has changed over time.
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Born on Inauguration Day: Finding a global perspective

Jan 17, 2013
Chistopher Ashcraft was born on January 20, 1985, the day of Ronald Reagan's second inauguration. Today, Ashcraft says traveling around the globe has given him new perspective on the American experience.
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Born on Inauguration Day: Health care hits home

Jan 17, 2013
As chaplain at a children's hospital in downtown Chicago, the daughter of a stage-four cancer survivor, and an Inauguration-Day baby, this coming January 20th holds special significance for Ashley-Anne Masters.
Posted In: health care, Barack Obama, inauguration

Born on Inauguration Day: Words to live by

Jan 17, 2013
Pulitzer Prize-winning author -- and Inauguration-Day baby -- Robert Olen Butler discusses his work and and the role that presidential characters play in his fiction.
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Born on Inauguration Day: Growing up with presidents

Jan 17, 2013
24-year-old Larry Sequino isn't sure when he first realized his birthday fell on Inauguration Day -- he was born during George H.W. Bush's inauguration -- but he's been proud of it ever since.
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