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Can fracking preserve North Dakota's environment?

Oct 18, 2013
The fracking boom is bringing in a surge of development -- and tax revenue -- to North Dakota. Now conservationists have a plan use some of that growth to protect the environment.
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Natgas, renewables and the future economy

Jul 10, 2013
Michael Levi of the Council on Foreign Relations discusses two unfolding energy revolutions: the natural gas boom and the rise of renewables.
Posted In: natural gas, climate change, Obama, energy, carbon emissions

Obama on climate change: It's the economy, stupid

Jun 25, 2013
The president spent much of his speech on climate change focused on the economy.
Posted In: natural gas, energy, Oil, Keystone XL

Oil spills, pipelines, and angry environmentalists, oh my!

Apr 4, 2013
The latest oil spill in Arkansas has environmentalists up in arms over how Big Oil transports their product.
Posted In: pipelines, Keystone XL, Oil

Drillers and enviros try to set fracking standards together

Mar 22, 2013
Can natural-gas companies and environmental groups together set standards for fracking that will win the public's trust? An experiment in Pennsylvania will try.
Posted In: fracking, shale gas, energy, Oil

A Pennsylvania fracking settlement answers a few questions

Mar 21, 2013
The case arises in the first region of Pennsylvania to see fracking for natural gas. A family with a well contaminated by chemicals received a payment,
Posted In: fracking, Pennsylvania

What fracking means for manufacturing and the environment: BS detector

Mar 11, 2013
We look at energy and environment myths and misperceptions we're uncovering on the Petro-state beat.
Posted In: manufacturing, fracking

In the fracking fields, a fight over who regulates

Mar 7, 2013
In Pennsylvania's shale-gas region, many cities and towns have passed ordinances restricting where drillers can put their fracking wells, equipment and wastewater. Now a case is before the state's Supreme Court.
Posted In: fracking, Pennsylvania

More myths you hear about fracking: BS Detector

Feb 28, 2013
There's a whole lot of opinion and information out there about fracking and the future of the energy industry. We look to separate fact from fiction with our BS Dectector.

Hate mail: Scott Tong responds to listener letters

Feb 25, 2013
From the Marketplace fracking hate mail bag.
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“The New Petro-State?” is Marketplace's coverage of the surge in oil and gas production that could turn the United States into the next Petro-State, and the hydraulic fracturing (aka "fracking") technology that’s made it possible. The petro-boom question has vast implications for the U.S. economy: movement toward energy self-sufficiency, job creation, domestic manufacturing jobs. It has stoked a global debate over realigning traditional energy power in the world. The rush to frack has also raised questions about drinking water safety, wastewater disposal and treatment, land rights, seismic activity, and the costs and benefits of drilling to local communities.

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