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Construction On New Housing Falls 10 Percent In June

The Weekly Wrap: Still waiting for a housing boost

May 23, 2014
John Carney with the Wall Street Journal and Linette Lopez from the Business Insider join Kai to discuss the week in review.
Posted In: Housing, mergers, Credit Suisse

Weekly Wrap: Yellen's dark notes on housing

May 9, 2014
David Gura talks to Cardiff Garcia
Posted In: Janet Yellen, apple

Weekly Wrap: Improving job growth

May 2, 2014
Kai talks to John Carney from the Wall Street Journal and Catherine Rampell from the Washington Post.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment

Weekly Wrap: Who's feeling those sanctions

Apr 25, 2014
Kai Ryssdal talks with Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post and Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal.
Posted In: jack lew, treasury secretary, recovery

Yellen's big speech number two

Apr 18, 2014
Kai talks with Felix Salmon from Reuters and Catherine Rampell of the Washinton Post about the week's biggest economic news.
Posted In: Yellen, interest rates

Nasdaq'ed: tech slide continues

Apr 11, 2014
It was a rough week for tech and bio-tech stocks.
Posted In: Tech, biotech, Earnings

Weekly Wrap: The slow, grinding recovery

Apr 4, 2014
David Gura sits down with Felix Salmon, from Reuters, and Catherine Rampell, from The Washington Post, to wrap up the week.
Posted In: Unemployment, March jobs report, General Motors

Weekly Wrap: Consumer confidence? 'Meh'

Mar 28, 2014
Kai talks to John Carney from the Wall Street Journal and Leigh Gallagher from Fortune for the Weekly Wrap.
Posted In: consumer confidence, housing market, Fed

Spooked markets and that sort of thing

Mar 21, 2014
Cardiff Garcia of FT and Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post talk the week's financial news.

Weekly Wrap: Hurray for Washington?

Mar 14, 2014
Nela Richardson and Sudeep Reddy talk about what happened this week, economy-wise, and why.



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