Jeff Zucker named new CNN president

Jeff Zucker appears before the Senate Antitrust Competition Policy and Consumer Rights Subcommittee for a hearing on the proposed merger between Comcast and NBC Universal on Capitol Hill Feb. 4, 2010, in Washington, D.C.

This final note today, following up on an item from yesterday. Jeff Zucker, formerly of NBC, has in fact been made president of CNN Worldwide. That's Atlanta-based CNN, which is interesting because the announcement said Zucker will continue to be based in New York.

I got into a Twitter back-and-forth with a friend of mine over whether Zucker would be spending a lot of time flying Delta down to Atlanta and back. She said yes; I said no way, he'd be on the corporate jet. Then she sent me this item from the Wall Street Journal: Delta in Atlanta, apparently, is ferrying its very, very important fliers to their planes in Porsches.

So maybe Delta, I guess.

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