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Who sues police departments the most? Police officers

Jun 20, 2014
In New Jersey, millions are spent each year on lawsuits involving police.
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Health Clinic

What does pain have to do with econ? Oh, everything

Jun 20, 2014
A pain clinic is a strange place to think about economics. Or is it?
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Detroit's revamped pension plan may set new precedents

Jun 20, 2014
Why the California state pension system cares about Detroit's bankruptcy.
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Foreign investors may be behind your paycheck

Jun 20, 2014
Foreign-owned U.S. businesses employ 5.6 million American workers.
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The 2014 primary season has been expensive

Jun 19, 2014
Outside groups are pouring more money into races, earlier.
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Should the U.S. take in more refugees?

Jun 19, 2014
Why accepting more refugees could be a win-win investment for the U.S.
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Kevin McCarthy

What does the Majority Leader do? Brings in the cash

Jun 18, 2014
Job number #1 is to keep the majority. To do that, you need money. Lots of it.
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San Francisco losing black residents, black businesses

Jun 18, 2014
A bookstore closes shop because so many African-Americans have left San Francisco.
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Fed grapples with rising prices and slow growth

Jun 18, 2014
Questions on stimulus and interest rates are subject of Federal Reserve meeting.
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Energy Costs Are Up

Why the Fed sees inflation differently than you

Jun 17, 2014
The latest Consumer Price Index indicates inflation is up.