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Haitian elections

Feb 7, 2006
Reed Lindsay goes to the streets of Port au Prince to find out what economic issues are foremost in voters' minds ahead of today's presidential election in Haiti.

The budget heads to Congress

Feb 6, 2006
In his State of Union address, President Bush said he'd offer a budget that would cut funding for 140 domestic programs. Today, the President sends that budget request to Capitol Hill, but some wonder if it'll even make a dent in the deficit. Hilary Wicai reports.

House leadership election

Feb 2, 2006
Today, House Republicans chose John Boehner as their new leader to replace Tom DeLay, who's under indictment. Kai Ryssdal speaks to our DC Bureau Chief John Dimsdale about the vote.

US/Cuba energy summit

Feb 2, 2006
The first-ever energy summit between the United States and Cuba started today in Mexico. For the next three days, American energy executives will meet with Cuban officials to discuss... well, it's not really clear. From the Americas Desk, Dan Grech explains.

No mo flood insurance?

Feb 2, 2006
Senators today heard about problems with the federal flood insurance program, which can't raise enough money to cover the Katrina payout with the premiums it currently collects. Congress is talking about raising the premiums. Policy analyst and commentator Peter Van Doren says that's not enough.

Mining woes in West Virginia

Feb 2, 2006
The governor of West Virginia called for all mines to cease operations in his state following two more mining deaths yesterday. The governor wants all mines to pass safety inspections before work resumes. And as Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, a shut down would cost the state's mining industry millions.

Addicted to oil? Find a substitute.

Feb 1, 2006
In his State of the Union speech, President Bush said the country should reduce its reliance on foreign oil. He laid out a specific goal to wean the country of crude, and said it could be accomplished in the most American of ways: Going high tech. Ethan Lindsey reports on the plan.

State of the Union - Energy

Jan 31, 2006
President Bush also plans to talk about energy initiatives in his State of the Union address tonight. Sam Eaton reports.

The limits of lobby reform

Jan 27, 2006
All week, members of Congress have been debating limits on lobbying to prevent the abuses of now-disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But commentator Jeff Birnbaum says the worst abuses have to do with Congressional fundraising, not lobbying.

Cyber security

Jan 27, 2006
As many as 26 states are lobbying the federal government for funds to shore up cyberspace against possible terrorist hacking and sabotage. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.