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Bittersweet new law fights copyright and piracy: Hollywood happy ending?

Apr 19, 2005
Imagine lobbying Congress and getting what you want - but with a twist. That's exactly what's happened to Hollywood. New legislation passed today that some folks in the industry feel is bittersweet. We asked Marketplace's Lisa Napoli to take a look...

Marketplace on Saving Social Security - Part Two

Apr 15, 2005
If it's Friday it must be Ohio. That's where President Bush found himself today. He's been out on the hustings promoting his plan to overhaul Social Security. He's now in the final two weeks of his campaign to drum up public support private investment accounts.And by most accounts, the President's not winning much support. The debate is beginning to move beyond private accounts - and so is our series on Social Security. Today: what are some of the ideas for avoiding insolvency when retired Baby Boomers start draining the system? Marty Goldensohn reports.

Private account buy-in hasn't sold-out

Apr 14, 2005
The White House has been lobbying hard for partially privatizing Social Security. But, as Marty Goldensohn reports, America doesn't seem to be buying it.

Debating Daylight - the daylight savings time plan

Apr 11, 2005
Next week, a final vote is expected in the House on an energy bill. So this week, committees are making final tweaks. They're factoring-in issues like rising oil prices and such. There's still lots of room for disagreement, but apparently general consensus on this much. More time for a little golf after work... From Washington, Rachel Dornhelm explains.

Another headless administration

Apr 8, 2005
The head of the TSA has announced his resignation. It's the third TSA chief to leave in the three years of the agency's history. And it may be a prelude to privatizing some functions of the TSA. Marketplace host David Brown speaks to Washington Post reporter Sara Goo about the latest developments.

New Mexico's half-holiday for Pope John Paul II

Apr 7, 2005
On Friday most of the people who work for the State of New Mexico will get half-a-day off - with pay. Thanks to Gov. Bill Richardson. The occasion: the funeral of Pope John Paul. All the major networks plan to broadcast extended coverage from Vatican City on Friday. Critics may question church-state separation. There are costs involved when government virtually closes shop for half a day. But some political observers call it a savvy move. Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports.

Bankruptcy and credit counseling - will new rules work?

Apr 7, 2005
Sometime in the next couple weeks, Congress is expected to approve legislation that will radically change bankruptcy laws. Among other new provisions, those looking for debt relief under the new law would be required to undergo some type of credit counseling at least 6 months before they're allowed to file for bankruptcy protection. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai takes a look at the intent behind the proposal and why some are concerned.

Compensation battles -- when is too much, too much?

Apr 5, 2005
A House committee meets today to consider the fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The two quasi-governmental companies back about half the mortgages in this country. Some think they could use a tighter leash. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports. Also, are CEOs really paid what they're worth? The Economist Magazine's Ben Edwards argues why big corporate compensation packages may not be that bad.

The bankruptcy chase, and bankruptcy race

Apr 4, 2005
Later this week, the House is expected to approve an overhaul of the bankruptcy code. It would make it tougher for individuals to protect their assets from creditors. The Senate passed it last month. The President has said he'll sign the bill. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports that some people on the brink of bankruptcy are being urged to jump now.

Saving for retirement? Maybe there's help

Mar 31, 2005
Saving for retirement can be difficult in a workforce full of job hoppers. But as Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell tells host Kai Ryssdal, there are some things the government can do to make it easier.