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Senators don't break for immigration

Apr 4, 2007
Most Congress members are enjoying spring recess this week, but 10 Senate leaders are working through the break to try to come to a compromise on immigration reform.
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Bush to Congress: No strings in Iraq, please

Apr 3, 2007
President Bush scolded Democrats in a White House press conference today for passing funding bills that called for deadlines on troop withdrawl from Iraq. He vowed to veto any bill that imposed timelines.

Visa circus opens — and closes — today

Apr 2, 2007
Skilled foreign workers can apply for H-1B visas starting today, but they won't last long. Critics say the quota needs to be raised, but efforts to revamp the system keep getting caught up in the larger immigration debate.
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Ya gotta have money to get money

Mar 30, 2007
Midnight Saturday is the deadline to report first-quarter contributions for the presidential campaigns. It's also a big part of the PR fight. As Steve Henn reports, raising a lot of money early can help build momentum.

ERA is back

Mar 30, 2007
The Equal Rights Amendment fell three states short of ratification in 1982, but now it has reemerged as the Women's Equality Amendment. And it still faces plenty of opposition.
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House budget resolution has some unknowns

Mar 29, 2007
The House passed its 2008 budget resolution today with boosts in spending for education, health care and national security. Oh, and a $50 billion question mark. Hillary Wicai reports.
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A new deal for free trade

Mar 27, 2007
Democrats unveiled an initiative that would force the U.S. to include worker protections in trade deals — a move that could sink some White House free trade aspirations in Latin America. Dan Grech reports.
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Rainy day for missile defense

Mar 27, 2007
A House subcommittee meets today to consider the Pentagon's $10 billon request for the next phase of our missile defense system. That includes a sizeable chunk to repair seven missile silos ruined by rain last year.
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Price checks go to court

Mar 26, 2007
The Supreme Court is deciding whether consumer prices should be set by manufacturers or retailers. As Amy Scott reports, Wall Street's keeping its eye on the case.
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Back and forth on immigration

Mar 22, 2007
A bipartisan measure to be unveiled in the House today calls for both increased border security and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants — but the Senate appears to be stalled on immigration and that could be a big boost for the status quo.
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