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Congressman calls out bad campaign

Sep 25, 2007
Democratic congressman Henry Waxman says Department of Transportation staffers campaigned behind-the-scenes to trash California's fuel economy standards. But Bush officials says they've done nothing wrong. Sarah Gardner reports.

President gets heat for climate control

Sep 24, 2007
The U.N. meets today to discuss climate change, a week before President Bush's separate meeting with world leaders on the same topic. But critics say they haven't heard enough specifics from the White House about the latter. Sam Eaton reports.

Congress still figuring out spending

Sep 24, 2007
President Bush is asking Congress for spending bills today for the 2008 fiscal year, which starts next Monday. John Dimsdale reports that the White House is threatening to veto every one close to agreement so far.

Alan, you should have known better

Sep 21, 2007
Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan wrote in his recently released memoir that he was disappointed Republicans didn't deliver smaller government and lower spending. Commentator Benjamin Barber says he should stop believing the party rhetoric.
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Rousing Senegal from 'European dream'

Sep 21, 2007
Every year, thousands of Senegalese die trying to immigrate to Spain illegally. But the Spanish government is hoping a million-dollar ad campaign will make them think twice about taking the risky voyage.
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Skilled immigrants: 'Deal with us'

Sep 20, 2007
Skilled immigrants unhappy with current immigration policies protested in Washington this week. Scott Jagow talks to economics correspondent Chris Farrell about the need for comprehensive reform.
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Wanted: Pentagon bookkeepers

Sep 18, 2007
With this week's defense authorization bill in the Senate comes the possibility of another half a trillion dollars for non-war Pentagon spending. But Steve Henn reports they're already having trouble keeping track of the books.

SEC down one commissioner

Sep 17, 2007
Democratic SEC commissioner Roel Campos is stepping down this week, leaving the balance of the group tipped towards Republican favor. Jeremy Hobson looks into how this might affect decision-making.
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Greenspan begins 'Turbulence' tour

Sep 17, 2007
Alan Greenspan is on tour in support of his memoir, "The Age of Turbulence," in which he describes how he managed market crises over 18 years. But some economists think he may have encouraged the tumultuous ride. Jill Barshay reports.
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We were hoping he'd say something . . .

Sep 11, 2007
Fed chief Ben Bernanke spoke to the Bundesbank in Berlin today. We were all ready for a statement, but he uttered not a word about the little financial crisis we're having.
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