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World trade talk splits tough to repair

Jul 30, 2008
After seven years of on-again, off-again negotiations, the U.S., China and India couldn't reach an agreement on farm tariffs in world trade talks. Jennifer Collins takes a look at what could happen next.

Federal deficit expands to record level

Jul 28, 2008
The Bush administration estimates that, even if you don't count the cost of two wars, the federal deficit will exceed $480 billion in 2009. How will all that red ink affect the next president's plans? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

A shortage of funds for bridge repair

Jul 28, 2008
The Highway Trust Fund could be in for a $5 billion shortfall at a time when a quarter of U.S. bridges are in dire need of repair. Sea Stachura reports Congress might chip in $1 billion, but it may not be enough.

Dept. of Labor tries to ease toxin rules

Jul 23, 2008
As the clock runs down on the Bush administration, political appointees at the Department of Labor are rushing to make it tougher to regulate on-the-job exposure to certain chemicals. Sam Eaton reports.

PACs put the fun in fundraising

Jul 22, 2008
Think all political contributions go toward campaigns? Maybe if those campaigns include golf trips and nights at the burlesque house. In the last installment of his PAC Men series, Steve Henn reports.

Lawmakers PAC in for retirement

Jul 22, 2008
It's no surprise lawmakers have campaign funds to help them get re-elected, but they also have a second pool of donations they can use however they want, even after they retire. Steve Henn continues our PAC Men series.

Oh, waiter! Charge it to my PAC

Jul 21, 2008
Lawmakers are still dining out and jetting off on trips they don't pay for themselves --and taking friends and lobbyists with them. They get the money by setting up something called a "leadership political action committee." Steve Henn reports.

Gas-tax hike is no holiday for Congress

Jul 21, 2008
With Americans reeling from skyrocketing gas prices, the last thing Congress wants to do is raise the gas tax. But as Jeremy Hobson reports, lawmakers are facing that very unpopular decision.
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Investing in a politician's future

Jul 21, 2008
For politicians, PACs are more than a source of money; they're a way to gain political clout. As a part of our continuing series on PACs, Steve Henn reports.

Stricter English rules for U.S. truckers

Jul 18, 2008
As the demand for truck drivers increases, more drivers who don't speak the required amount of English have made it to the road. Now the government is planning to crack down. Dan Grech reports.
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