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Managing a national debt addiction

May 20, 2008
While congressional negotiators build a federal budget for 2009, a group of bipartisan budget experts are launching a campaign to wean the government off what they call a debt addiction. John Dimsdale reports.

Senate looks at commodity speculation

May 20, 2008
In the last five years, the amount of money invested into commodities has grown 20-fold. Now, Congress will explore what effect that's having on consumers and if lawmakers need to take action. Jeremy Hobson reports.

What will Americans do with rebates?

May 8, 2008
Tax-rebate checks go out Friday as part of the $150 billion economic stimulus effort. And retailers are eager for a cut of your cash. We went looking for some of the more unusual ways people are planning to spend their rebates. Kai Ryssdal reports.
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House tables war spending bill

May 8, 2008
The house put on hold a $195 billion bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after some lawmakers questioned the way the money would be spent. Steve Henn reports on reactions to the move.

Could home-loan rescue bill sink FHA?

May 7, 2008
The House is debating a $300 billion home-loan rescue package that would dramatically increase the Federal Housing Administration's role in cleaning up the subprime mess. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on whether the FHA is up to the job.
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So, who says the worst is over?

May 6, 2008
Fannie Mae, the biggest mortgage underwriter in America, reported a loss of more than $2 billion last quarter. Investors are now bracing for more bad news when its federally-sponsored cousin Freddie Mac reports results later this week. Alisa Roth has the story.
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Bush speaks, we read between the lines

Apr 29, 2008
President Bush was firmly on message today in a Rose Garden press conference: It's a slowdown, not a recession... He'd love to lower gas prices, but Congress is standing in the way. Bob Moon and Kai Ryssdal examine what the president said and didn't say.
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Another rate cut expected from Fed

Apr 29, 2008
The Federal Open Market Committee is in the middle of a two-day meeting on interest rates. Chances are good that tomorrow the federal funds rate will be trimmed again, despite worries about rising prices. John Dimsdale reports.
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Congress looks for brakes on gas prices

Apr 25, 2008
With the summer driving season looming, congressional leaders are lining up to ease the pain at the pump. But what can they do? John Dimsdale reports.

For sale: A state lottery?

Apr 25, 2008
Sixteen states are reporting budget shortfalls this fiscal year. More are expected to do so next year. The options? Make cuts or make money. Illinois, for example, might sell its lottery. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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