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Bernanke faces grilling to keep job

Dec 3, 2009
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is facing tough questions from members of the Senate Banking Committee as he seeks another term. John Dimsdale reports.

Cash will be key weapon in Afghanistan

Dec 2, 2009
Dollars will be a significant part of the U.S. arsenal in the ramped-up battle against the Taliban. Money will also be widely distributed as development aid. Steve Henn reports on the many uses of cold, hard cash in the battle for hearts and minds.

Afghanistan plan to exceed $30 billion

Dec 2, 2009
In his address to the nation, President Obama says the deployment of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan will cost $30 billion. But the actual cost will be higher, as Marketplace's John Dimsdale explains to Kai Ryssdal.

Paying for more troops in Afghanistan

Dec 1, 2009
President Obama is expected to announce his Afghanistan strategy and send 30,000 more troops to the country. To pay for it, some Democrats in Congress have proposed a war surtax. Amy Scott reports.
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Private contracts drive Afghan economy

Nov 25, 2009
Private contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Steve Henn reports these contracts play an important role in the Afghan economy.

Cost of more U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Nov 24, 2009
President Obama will soon announce new plans for expanding U.S. efforts in the Afghanistan war. Steve Henn reports on how high the tab might go.

Concern grows over rising U.S. debt

Nov 23, 2009
Government notes, bills and bonds will be on sale as Washington tries to finance its spending habits. Senior business correspondent Bob Moon talks with Kai Ryssdal about increasing worries over what the government owes and how much that debt costs.

Bill would allow Congress to audit Fed

Nov 20, 2009
A House committee has approved a bill sponsored by Republican Ron Paul to expand congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve. Steve Henn reports.
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Why the E.U. chose its president

Nov 20, 2009
The E.U. has chosen Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy for the new position of E.U. president. But why didn't the title go to a more well-known candidate? Christopher Werth reports.

Labor groups call for banking reforms

Nov 16, 2009
Labor union activists are rallying in Washington, D.C. calling for Congress to enact tougher reforms on Wall Street, including limits on bank sizes and oversight of risky investments. Mitchell Hartman reports.