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The Fed and treasury securities

Nov 3, 2010
Federal Reserve decides today on how much money it pumps into the financial system, by telling us exactly how many Treasury Securities it's going to buy each month. Scott Minerd explains.

Election 2010: A look at tax and budget ballot measures

Nov 2, 2010
Of the more than 150 initiatives on ballots throughout the U.S. in this election cycle, about a quarter deal with fiscal issues, including measures that could limit states' ability to raise taxes, change the way states fund services or programs, and stop them from incurring more debt. Daryl Paranada has more.

Fed is expected to help drop the value of the dollar, again

Nov 2, 2010
Tomorrow comes the big announcement by the Federal Reserve about how they plan to continue trying to save the U.S. economy. What's expected is for the Fed to plow more money in, meaning the value of the dollar will drop. Is this a good thing? Stacey Vanek Smith reports.
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FREAKONOMICS: How powerful is that leader?

Nov 2, 2010
They have impressive titles like "prime minister" and "chief of state," but how much power do they really wield? Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics takes a look at how to measure the influence of world leaders.

Housing and the GDP: A fairytale ending?

Oct 29, 2010
The gross domestic product reading, or GDP was 2 percent today. That's not quite what analysts were expecting. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains.

GDP justifies further help from the Fed

Oct 29, 2010
Last quarter's GDP numbers came out, and we saw a 2 percent growth. According to Chris Low, this is good growth, but it needs to get better.

SF business owners split on homeless issue

Oct 29, 2010
Voters in San Francisco are facing a law on the Election Day ballot that could restrict people lying on sidewalks overnight. Business owners in popular areas like Haight Street seem split on the issue. April Dembosky reports.

Latino Voters 101

Oct 28, 2010
Commentator Gustavo Arellano gives advice to politicians on how to really draw in the Latino vote.

It's not about tax cuts, but the size of government

Oct 28, 2010
How do we fix the economy? It's not easy, but Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia University's business school and former George W. Bush advisor, says Americans need to think about the size of the government.

Minn. House race the costliest in U.S.

Oct 26, 2010
GOP incumbent Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in Minnesota and her Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark, are running the costliest U.S. House race in the country. They've raised a combined $15 million. Annie Baxter reports on what all that cash can do for a candidate.