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Bush needs help from GOP friends

Sep 7, 2007
Next week, lawmakers will be voting on a wide array of budget bills. Odds are President Bush will veto anything he thinks spends too much or that hints of a tax increase. But to succeed, says commentator Jeff Birnbaum, he'll need a little help from his friends.
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Congress not toying around on imports

Sep 7, 2007
Lawmakers will hold hearings later this month into why so many tainted Chinese imports have been showing up on store shelves. Mattel CEO Bob Eckert and a government agency will be on the hot seat. Janet Babin reports.
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Finding big meaning in small trends

Sep 6, 2007
In 1996, pollster Mark Penn highlighted what he thought was an important Democratic constituency: soccer moms. Now, he's got a new book out. He tells Kai Ryssdal of a new trend -- young people minding their knitting.
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Thanks Australia, here's an arms deal

Sep 5, 2007
President Bush and Australia's prime minister took a break from the APEC summit today to reconfirm their position on Iraq. And perhaps not by coincidence, Bush is expected to announce a big defense deal with Australia. Alisa Roth reports.

Keeping to a frugal U.S. spending diet

Aug 29, 2007
Latest projections put the U.S. federal deficit at less than $160 billion -- the smallest deficit since before the September 11 terrorist attacks. Commentator David Frum says the government need to keep it that way.
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Quake fund break a boon for insurers?

Aug 28, 2007
A new plan could give insurance companies a billion-dollar break on payments to the California Earthquake Authority. Amy Bach of United Policyholders talks about what it means for the industry as a whole.

Bush backers begin surge of their own

Aug 22, 2007
President Bush's speech today to the VFW is the opening volley in a White House campaign to build support for keeping troops in Iraq. And, as Steve Henn reports, the president will have some well-financed allies backing him up.
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Washington cash flow shifts left

Aug 21, 2007
For the first time in 18 years, Democratic candidates are out-fundraising their GOP counterparts. That means people with a lot of money are betting the Dems will hold onto power, Steve Henn reports.
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Lobbying for child care funds

Aug 14, 2007
We all know child care is expensive. Now a survey of 600 women demonstrates how dramatically the costs may impact family planning. The group behind it hopes it'll turn up the volume on its call to restore federal budget cuts. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Syrians' welcome to Iraqis cools

Aug 13, 2007
The only country in the world that willingly admits Iraqi refugees is Syria. So far, roughly 1.5 million Iraqis have fled there. But some Syrians want the welcome mat rolled up. Jennifer Glasse reports.
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