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Do CEO endorsements mean anything?

Aug 15, 2008
When high profile CEOs contribute to a political campaign, what's more valuable: the money, or the weight of their support? Steve Henn explores the question and the political influence of CEOs in this economy.

Truth-testing Obama's tax plan

Aug 14, 2008
Barack Obama unveiled new details about his tax-cut plan today. It includes the tax cuts -- and who will pay for them. Jeremy Hobson looked at the math to see if Obama's numbers hold up.
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Fed helps, but needs to be accountable

Aug 13, 2008
The Fed has bailed out banks, advised them on capital assets and now is issuing regulations for the credit-card industry. But who, asks commentator Robert Reich, is minding the Fed?

Voters revved up over energy

Aug 11, 2008
Energy is the top issue for voters this year, and constituents are giving members of Congress an earful about the price of gas. But Danielle Karson reports things might not get done until after the election.

Obama can't help Clinton's debt

Aug 8, 2008
Barack Obama is trying to get his supporters to help Hillary Clinton get out of campaign debt. But even Obama's backing isn't getting her much. Steve Henn reports why Clinton is a tough sell to almost any buyer.

Mayors talk, future presidents listen

Aug 5, 2008
The U.S. Conference of Mayors wants to get the attention of the presidential candidates by talking about the biggest problems for their cities. Danielle Karson reports crime is a hot topic in today's Philadelphia meeting.

Straight Story: How do we pay for it?

Aug 1, 2008
As Americans are struggling to balance their budgets, the government announced it's going to be short by $490 billion. Economics editor Chris Farrell sets the story straight on the meaning of the shortfall.

Business leery of employee-rights bill

Aug 1, 2008
At a time when companies are struggling with high fuel costs and a slow economy, they're now also worried that pending legislation and other forces may be helping labor get organized. Steve Henn reports.
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A closer look at last quarter's numbers

Jul 31, 2008
The economic numbers out today attest that the economy isn't shrinking, but there's still plenty going on to make you wonder. Janet Babin looks at everything from the stimulus checks to gas consumption.
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Iraq in need of spending lessons

Jul 30, 2008
A new report says Iraq's flush with money, but if that's true, why are so many of its residents still without basic infrastructure? Host Kai Ryssdal asks Stuart Bowen where Iraq's cash is going and where it isn't.