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Much ado about TARP profits

Jul 22, 2009
As banks start paying back TARP funds, taxpayers are getting about 12.4% return on their investment. Now lawmakers are trying to decide whether to spend that money to help the housing market or to pay down the national debt. Steve Henn reports.

Bernanke wants consumer protection

Jul 22, 2009
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke continues his hearing with the Senate Banking Committee. Marketplace's Amy Scott reviews his testimony with Bill Radke, including his suggestion that the Fed's role should expand to include consumer protection.

Bernanke predicts economy's comeback

Jul 21, 2009
Testifying today before Congress on Capitol Hill, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said he expects a gradual recovery beginning in 2010, but unemployment will continue to be a problem for a couple more years. Amy Scott reports.

Calif. budget targets social programs

Jul 21, 2009
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reached a deal yesterday to close the state's $26 billion deficit. The proposed budget makes deep cuts to public schools and health care for the poor, but also avoids new tax increases. Amy Scott reports.

Report gets to root of TARP spending

Jul 20, 2009
A report out today will give finer details of how banks are using TARP money. While the cash helped most of the banks avoid a drop in lending, some invested the cash or used it to pay off debts. Amy Scott reports.

Argentina policies blamed for shortages

Jul 17, 2009
Argentina is known as the breadbasket of South America, due to its ideal climate and rich soil. Yet, the nation may soon begin importing beef and wheat for the first time. A severe drought is part of the problem. But farmers say government policies are another. Ian Mount reports.

Inherent bias must be acknowledged

Jul 17, 2009
Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor insists her "wise Latina" comment does not mean she will be biased on the bench. Commentator Betsey Stevenson says biased decision-making is inevitable, but can be overridden if its existence is acknowledged.

NJ governor battles for re-election

Jul 16, 2009
New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is facing a tough battle for re-election, thanks in part to his bad financial reputation. But his Republican opponent hasn't offered much of a plan to help where Corzine is viewed as insufficient. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Are inflation worries justified?

Jul 14, 2009
Recessions can often lead to a risk of deflation, when declining consumer demand forces prices down. But lately, analysts have been worrying about the opposite -- inflation. Even hyperinflation. Amy Scott reports.

How do we pay for health care reform?

Jul 13, 2009
The House's health care reform bill was supposed to come out early last week, but members of Congress are still grappling with how to pay for it. But Steve Henn reports the delays are not necessarily a sign of trouble.
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