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U.S. combat presence in Iraq will withdraw on Aug. 31

Aug 2, 2010
President Barack Obama said in a speech today that the U.S. will withdraw, at least from a combat role from Iraq, on Aug. 31. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer reports takes a look at how much the war has cost and what residual costs will be coming in the future.

How much responsibility should oil companies take in an oil spill?

Jul 28, 2010
A sticking point in Congress's energy bill is how much responsibility a company that causes an oil spill should take. John Dimsdale reports.

Wall Streeters won't be at Obama fundraisers

Jul 28, 2010
President Obama is holding some high-profile fundraisers in Manhattan tonight for the Democrats, but Wall Street players aren't expected to attend.
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Stimulus played huge role in economic recovery

Jul 28, 2010
A new report shows government stimulus programs passed last year were key to the economic recovery so far.
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New media WikiLeaks uses traditional media for its 'Afghan War Diary'

Jul 26, 2010
Wikileaks released a trove of over 90,000 reports on the Afghanistan war to the public on Sunday -- but they first let "traditional" reporters from the New York Times, Der Spiegel and the Guardian take a look at them. Why?

City budget cuts visible in staffing

Jul 26, 2010
Cities grappling with smaller bottom lines have had to cut back on personnel across the board, from public transit to the police department.

Will the jobless benefits extension help?

Jul 23, 2010
Tess Vigeland talks to economist Richard DeKaser about the effect unemployment benefits will have on the economy.
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Behind the U.S.'s security buildup

Jul 19, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks with the Washington Post's Dana Priest about her series "Top Secret America," which she co-wrote with William M. Arkin, on the post-9/11 massive security buildup by the government.

Bringing both sides for conservation

Jul 15, 2010
Like a lot of things, environmental conservation is another issue that divides conservatives and liberals -- but maybe it can turn into a bipartisan issue with a little bit of tweaking on how the conservation message is conveyed.
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City budgets stuck between cutting or borrowing

Jul 15, 2010
Many U.S. cities started the fiscal year on July 1 with budget holes so big, they only had two options for successfully long-term solutions.