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Unemployment rates are "really ugly numbers"

Dec 3, 2010
Jeremy Hobson speaks to Chris Low, Chief economist at FTN Financial and Marketplace's Gregory Warner about New York and Washington D.C.'s reaction to the unemployment announcement from the Labor Department.
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REICH: Federal deficit shouldn't be the focus now

Dec 1, 2010
Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says the federal deficit should take the back seat, at least for now.

Federal workers may not see pay raises for two years

Nov 29, 2010
Washington is going to have to make some hard decisions to bring the deficit down. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer takes a look at the potential impact of a pay freeze for federal workers on the deficit.

Ireland plans deep budget cuts to fend off bank crisis

Nov 25, 2010
Ireland cuts spending and adds taxes under new "austerity budget," but the markets remained skittish about its recovery sending the euro into a further slide against the dollar.

What will the Fed's meeting minutes reveal?

Nov 24, 2010
The Federal Reserve is set today to release minutes from its last meeting. It'll provide further insight into its decision to push a controversial $600 billion in the U.S. economy. Bob Moon reports on what else we can expect from the notes.

Sarah Palin: Becoming her own brand

Nov 24, 2010
Like her or not, Sarah Palin has become quite inescapable these days -- a successful TV show there, a book launch here. As Stacey Vanek Smith reports, it's all about pushing her brand.

Bernanke strikes back with bold statements

Nov 19, 2010
Ever since the Federal Reserve announced its plans to stimulate the U.S. economy with a $600 billion bond-buying spree, chairmen Ben Bernanke has come under fire from critics. Today in a speech in Germany, he fired back. Jennifer Collins reports.

Will the deficit cutting proposals work?

Nov 19, 2010
Peter Coy with Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine has been digging into the details of the deficit cutting proposals. We have the Simpson-Bowles report, and we have the Bipartisan Policy Center report, but will any of them work, and what are Americans willing to sacrifice?

Setting up new Congress teams is like small business

Nov 18, 2010
The new class of Congress members are getting ready to build their teams and offices this week. About a third of them are also small business owners, which, as Nancy Marshall Genzer reports, gives them a leg up in choosing the right personnel.
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Independent commission proposes new plan for budget deficit

Nov 18, 2010
The independent Bipartisan Policy Commission, made of former members of Congress and prominent budget experts, announced today its proposal to reduce the federal budget deficit. John Dimsdale spoke to its co-chairs in an exclusive interview.
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