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Coal debates light up town meetings

Oct 11, 2007
Some small-town meetings have been drawing big crowds lately, thanks to plans for new coal-fired plants in several states. Sarah Gardner reports that both sides of the debate -- those for and against the plans -- have been showing up to sound off.

R.I.P. for AMT

Oct 11, 2007
Republicans and Democrats agree -- the Alternative Minimum Tax must go. But while Republicans have unveiled a plan to eliminate it, Democrats say it should just be replaced. Steve Tripoli reports.
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The Alaska senators' committee

Oct 10, 2007
Committee that conducted fundraising, receiving thousands of dollars, never registered with the Federal Election Commission.

Should loggers see old forest for trees?

Oct 4, 2007
The White House has plans to dramatically increase the amount of logging allowed on federal lands in the Pacific Northwest. Environmentalists are crying foul, but logging towns are seeing green. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Private services fill troop shortage

Oct 2, 2007
In the Iraq war, the spotlight is on the large-scale privatization of what used to be military functions. Kai Ryssdal talked with Steve Schooner, a George Washington University professor who has studied the role of private contractors.

Defense bill free of major conflicts

Oct 2, 2007
Senators are considering a defense spending bill that, at nearly $460 billion, won't pay a dime for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democratic leaders have postponed that debate until later this year. John Dimsdale reports.

Conservation inspired by debt

Oct 1, 2007
This week, Congress will consider forgiving the debt of developing countries in exchange for safeguarding their natural resources. Dan Grech reports that these "debt-for-nature" swaps have worked well before.

Congress trying to lighten up

Oct 1, 2007
Congress is expected to vote on a broad energy package this month, which will also favor more energy-efficent lighting. Sam Eaton has more.

Flush campaigns can't flush away funds

Sep 28, 2007
Presidential candidates are counting up their cash as the quarter closes. Steve Henn reports that the problem isn't how much money campaigns have -- it's how fast they're not spending it.

Carbon tax versus cap-and-trade

Sep 27, 2007
Democratic Congressman John Dingell is proposing ideas to combat climate change today, including a gasoline tax and a surcharge for using fossil fuels. Dan Grech reports some don't find the idea innovative enough.