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Getting people back to work

Oct 3, 2011
Jobs, jobs, jobs. Everyone is taking about the best way to create more jobs. So, where can we find the opportunities?
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Post office estimates $10 billion loss

Sep 30, 2011
Congress, the White House and the Postmaster General have lots of ideas about how to cut costs. One of them is no more Saturday delivery.

Enough with being against Washington

Sep 30, 2011
Most Americans are not happy about what's going on in Washington. But commentator Rob Walker says playing the blame game isn't going to get us anywhere.
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Disaster funding runs out soon

Sep 26, 2011
If there's no deal in Congress to keep the federal lights on until November, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster funding goes dry by week's end.

Governments in U.S. and Europe struggling to solve financial issues

Sep 26, 2011
A new plan -- including a bailout of European central banks -- could mean a big step forward in solving the global financial crisis. But can governments get it together to agree on the best course of action?

Senate faces key federal budget vote

Sep 26, 2011
The government in Washington is yet again nearing the brink of financial meltdown. Will they begin to make the tough decisions, or continue to put them off until the election year?

Congress could deal a blow to the economy

Sep 23, 2011
The Senate rejected a House plan to fund the government past mid-November. A fight over a few billion dollars in disaster relief funding for FEMA carries big risks.

On the brink of government shutdown -- again

Sep 22, 2011
This time Congress is fighting over how to pay for disaster relief. If they can't agree, the lights go out Oct. 1. Businesses worry this might be the new normal.

Republicans and Democrats seek a deal on FEMA spending

Sep 21, 2011
The budget struggle continues on both sides of the aisle today, as Republicans and Democrats clash over emergency relief spending.

Disaster money may force government shutdown

Sep 21, 2011
Debates have been flaring up over the best way to cut federal spending. The latest hot button issue? The Federal Emergency Management Agency's budget.