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Stalled U.S. growth numbers have sobering effect

Jul 29, 2011
Personal finance expert Jill Schlesinger helps make sense of today's depressing GDP figures.

Congress' debt delay may be counterproductive, but it's not procrastination

Jul 29, 2011
Congress postponed a key vote on a Republican debt reduction plan, and pushed the decision back even closer to the deadline. But to those who study human behavior, it's not exactly procrastination.

After delayed debt vote, economists say we're in debt 'Twilight Zone'

Jul 29, 2011
Last night, a vote on Republican Speaker John Boehner's debt reduction plan was postponed. And some former Treasury Department officials say the debt ceiling is pointless.

Effects of debt ceiling debate could ripple through states

Jul 29, 2011
Maryland, for one, faces credit rating downgrade because so much of its revenue is tied to federal spending

The debt ceiling crisis, in limericks

Jul 29, 2011
The Great Recession, the housing bubble burst, and the on-going debt ceiling debate aren't easy to laugh about, but Dr. Goose and Money listeners try to bring some humor with economic limericks.

If debt deadline is missed, who will get paid?

Jul 28, 2011
At some point, the U.S. government will have to decide who gets paid and who doesn't, if Congress and the president don't agree on a new debt ceiling. Some government obligations will have priority over others

Overall impact beyond debt ceiling deadline could be long-lasting

Jul 27, 2011
Even if the country avoids default, there are other economic threats that could impact the long-term health of the economy

Congress takes on ratings agencies

Jul 27, 2011
A House subcommittee today looks into the role of ratings agencies during and after the financial crisis

Why the debt ceiling debate is affecting the economy

Jul 27, 2011
If the U.S. economy were an airport, the debt-ceiling debate on Capitol Hill is like a dark cloud causing flight delays, says Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch in his latest Whiteboard video
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Poll shows majority of Americans want debt ceiling compromise

Jul 26, 2011
Even if it means passing a package they disagree with. And a majority of Americans believe that President Obama and Congress will reach a deal by the Aug. 2nd deadline, according to findings by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.