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Give GIs a chance, no matter the price

Jun 23, 2008
The money available for veterans to go to college could double if a new GI Bill is approved. Commentator Kim Clark says the measure's costs are greatly offset by the benefits it brings to the troops.

Campaigns clash over ethanol

Jun 23, 2008
John McCain and Barack Obama both kicked off their campaigns in Iowa, the state where corn is king, but they have very different views when it comes to corn in the form of ethanol. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Federal funds to fight foreclosure

Jun 23, 2008
U.S. mayors are working to resolve the housing crisis by using federal money. Rampant foreclosures are especially hurting cities by choking off property tax revenues that fund city services. Jill Barshay reports.
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Congress tries beefing up domestic oil

Jun 23, 2008
A congressional bill on the table encourages more domestic oil production and discourages speculation. But some Democrats say we should do more to explore our existing drilling leases. John Dimsdale has more.

Obama says no to public financing

Jun 19, 2008
Senator Barack Obama has opted against receiving federal public financing for the general election, allowing him the freedom to spend whatever he can raise and prompting some controversy. Steve Henn reports.

Air Force not tied to Airbus yet

Jun 19, 2008
The Government Accountability Office has urged the Air Force to do a deal with Airbus to build the next generation of airborne fuel tankers. But there's still room for Boeing to compete in Congress. Steve Henn reports.

New FEC commissioners wanted

Jun 17, 2008
With just two sitting commissioners on the FEC, decisions can't be reached on campaign finance laws. So the Senate is working towards approving new ones. Steve Henn reports the new group will have a lot of work ahead.

Making or breaking the AMT

Jun 16, 2008
The Senate may vote to fix the Alternative Minimum Tax and extend tax breaks to companies. But the House is threatening to kill it if those breaks aren't paid for with tax cuts or increases somewhere else. Steve Henn reports.

In politics, success equals money

Jun 11, 2008
Barack Obama has raised three times as much cash as John McCain. Commentator David Frum says this has turned the usually flush GOP into an unconvincing underdog.

Senate works on lowering oil prices

Jun 10, 2008
The Senate is voting on an energy bill designed to force oil prices down by taxing oil companies and granting federal authority to sue OPEC nations in U.S. courts. But Sam Eaton reports the move may be little more than PR in an election year.