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Delinquent government contractors

May 24, 2011
A Senate subcommittee hearing tomorrow finds government contractors who owe back taxes were still able to win contracts for government stimulus projects.

GOP presidential contenders scramble for money

May 23, 2011
So far, Mitt Romney has raised more money than anyone else, but the Republican base will ultimately determine which of half a dozen contenders draw the most support.

Social spending meets market discipline

May 23, 2011
U.S. federal, state and city governments are moving toward testing a British idea for social programs: pay only if they achieve desired results.

The changing campaign landscape

May 23, 2011
As politicians look forward to the 2012 campaign, many analysts are curious how the difference in economic climates will shape political fundraising. Alex Burns from Politico explains.

Campaign fundraising faces a new economic landscape

May 23, 2011
Presidential hopefuls are scrambling to begin raising money for the 2012 elections. Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, explains how this election's finances will be very different than 2008's.

A tough economy weighs on campaign finances

May 23, 2011
As new Republican candidates throw their hats into the ring for the 2012 presidential campaign, some are concerned about campaign fundraising in a difficult economic climate.

FEMA asks some disaster victims to return money

May 20, 2011
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is asking some disaster victims to return their payouts. The agency says more than $22 million in aid was improperly distributed.

President Obama outlines plans for aid in Egypt and Middle East

May 19, 2011
The president spoke today about creating a partnership with the Middle East, and helping the economies there grow through trade and more jobs.

How state pension funds affect the rest of the state and government

May 19, 2011
Many state budgets are in trouble, and pension funds could be taking a hit. We consider the impact.

U.S. Postal Service announces $2.2 billion in losses

May 17, 2011
The U.S.P.S. is warning that it will become insolvent unless Congress takes action. The institution has lost $20 billion since 2007.