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News Corp. donations anger investors

Oct 14, 2010
British investors are protesting political donations in the U.S. by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Those investors object to payments that will help Republican candidates in the mid-term elections. Stephen Beard reports.

U.K.'s military spending on the chopping block

Oct 13, 2010
The cash-strapped United Kingdom has been cutting programs and services left and right, including military spending. Cuts the U.K.'s military budget is cause for concern for British citizens and the United States too.

Frum: Remove caps on how much parties can donate to candidates

Oct 13, 2010
Commentator David Frum has an idea on how to reduce the influence of donors on political candidates, so they can focus more on the issues.

ICE and LA County continue collaboration over illegal immigrant inmates

Oct 13, 2010
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors upheld a program that would allow county sheriff's employees to interview suspected undocumented inmates and pass their findings onto federal immigration officials. The county may save millions with the deportation of undocumented inmates.
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If you want to lower the deficit...

Oct 11, 2010
New York Times columnist David Leonhardt presents four options to bring the federal deficit down.

Recession slows migration to U.S., EU

Oct 8, 2010
A new study from the Migration Policy Institute shows how the Great Recession is shaping immigration worldwide. Reporter Eve Troeh talks with Bill Radke about the study's findings and what's happening to immigrants already living in the U.S. and EU.
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Corporations making political donations through interest groups

Oct 7, 2010
This election season, many businesses are donating through outside interest groups. Why not donate directly to their chosen candidate or cause? Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Will a soda ban benefit food stamp users and state?

Oct 7, 2010
Health and anti-hunger advocates are divided over New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to prevent food stamps from being used on sodas and other sugary drinks
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Immigration cap may mean decline in British competitiveness

Oct 6, 2010
The Conservative Party of the UK's coalition government has been keeping its word about an immigration cap. But London is concerned that the policy will slow business and maybe even ground projects.
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The politics of fiscal responsibility

Oct 6, 2010
The latest midterm election polls show Democrats may lose control of Congress. Conservatives have been campaigning on the theme of financial responsibility. It's a popular theme that's easy to talk about, yet so hard to follow through. Diane Lim Rogers, chief economist at the Concord Coalition talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.