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U.S. could face a government shutdown

Apr 4, 2011
Unless both parties in Congress can reach a budget deal, the federal government could shut down on Friday. Julia Coronado, chief economist at BNP Paribas, explains what that could mean for the economy.

Government transparency websites targeted in budget cuts

Apr 4, 2011
Many websites that offer platforms for transparency in government could facing the chopping block as politicians debate budget cuts.

Obama announces re-election campaign

Apr 4, 2011
In his announcement video and email, President Barack Obama kicks off a fundraising effort some have predicted will be the first billion-dollar campaign.

Some lawmakers push budget amendments to clip EPA power

Apr 4, 2011
They argue EPA regulation of carbon emissions will lead to job losses. And the White House is no longer taking a strong stand on limiting carbon emissions.

Focusing more on fixing unemployment and the deficit

Apr 1, 2011
Christina Romer, former chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisors, talks about why she thinks Washington needs to do more for jobs and the deficit now, even if it may be difficult.

Biden: $33 bil. in cuts could stop government shutdown

Mar 31, 2011
Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats agreed to a $33 billion in cuts from the current budget to avoid a government shut down. But is it enough for Republicans?

Ohio to vote on anti-union law

Mar 30, 2011
The bill is similar to Wisconsin's, but will also weaken the bargaining rights for public sector employees like police and firefighters.

Planning for a post-Gaddafi Libya

Mar 29, 2011
In his speech last night, President Obama explained that the U.S. continues to share the cost of the military efforts in Libya with other countries. This morning, representatives from more than 30 countries are meeting to continue discussions regarding the future of Libya and rebuilding the country.

Georgia considers lifting ban on Sunday alcohol sales

Mar 29, 2011
Georgia is one of only three states that still bans retail sales of alcohol on Sundays. Lifting it could mean $5 million per year of additional revenue for the state.

Does the U.S. have room in the budget for a no-fly zone?

Mar 28, 2011
Lawrence Korb, former assistant defense secretary and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, explains how the U.S. budget has created room for military expenditures in the past, and how the current budget can accommodate the Libyan no-fly zone.