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Governments in U.S. and Europe struggling to solve financial issues

Sep 26, 2011
A new plan -- including a bailout of European central banks -- could mean a big step forward in solving the global financial crisis. But can governments get it together to agree on the best course of action?

Congress could deal a blow to the economy

Sep 23, 2011
The Senate rejected a House plan to fund the government past mid-November. A fight over a few billion dollars in disaster relief funding for FEMA carries big risks.

On the brink of government shutdown -- again

Sep 22, 2011
This time Congress is fighting over how to pay for disaster relief. If they can't agree, the lights go out Oct. 1. Businesses worry this might be the new normal.

Republicans and Democrats seek a deal on FEMA spending

Sep 21, 2011
The budget struggle continues on both sides of the aisle today, as Republicans and Democrats clash over emergency relief spending.

Disaster money may force government shutdown

Sep 21, 2011
Debates have been flaring up over the best way to cut federal spending. The latest hot button issue? The Federal Emergency Management Agency's budget.

Republicans send letter to the Fed to stand down on monetary policy

Sep 21, 2011
The Federal Reserve wraps up a meeting today to determine the next steps to take in solving the financial crisis in the U.S.

Stop calling it class warfare

Sep 21, 2011
President Obama announced a plan to reduce the deficit this week. But the fight over what to do is just starting.

Snip here, snip there

Sep 20, 2011
President Obama said yesterday if Republicans won't hike taxes on the rich, he'll protect entitlements. If the two sides can't agree, we're in for across-the-board cuts.

Obama deficit deal would slash USPS spending

Sep 20, 2011
One big cut in President Obama's big deficit reduction plan would include streamlining the Postal Service. But that kind of legislation might not be so easy to pass these days.

President Obama announces $3 trillion deficit plan

Sep 19, 2011
Obama called for $1.5 trillion in new taxes, mostly targeting the rich. We walk through the numbers behind the president's 10-year plan.