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G20 to discuss quantitative easing

Nov 8, 2010
The G20 nations meet this week in South Korea. One topic of conversation is likely to be quantitative easing. It hasn't been a popular decision among members of the G20. Alisa Roth has more.

Companies need to borrow, and spend too, to help economy

Nov 5, 2010
The Federal Reserve announced this week its plans to pump $600 billion more into the economy, in hopes of attracting companies to buy bonds and invest. But these companies need to do more than just invest, reports Stacey Vanek Smith.

Redefining Detroit

Nov 4, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing about how he's trying to revive a city that was hit hard by the bankruptcies of the local car companies and lost more than half of its population.
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Fed to buy $600 billion in bonds

Nov 4, 2010
Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced that it plans to buy $600 billion worth of government bonds. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.

What the GOP has to do to enforce change

Nov 3, 2010
Having won control of the House of Representatives, Republicans are making claims that they will work to repeal President Obama's health care and financial reform laws. But they haven't gotten specific as to how they plan to do it. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

What a divided Congress means for the Fed

Nov 3, 2010
Now that the elections are over, it's time to take a look at what the new government will mean for the country's future. Most at stake? The economy. So how will the new Republican-led House affect the Fed's moves? Stacey Vanek Smith reports.

The election's impact on our recovery

Nov 3, 2010
President Obama pledged to work with Republicans after they seized control of the House, riding to victory on a vow to control spending. Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale talks with Bob Moon about how Republicans plan to rein in spending, how that might affect our fragile recovery, and what will become of the Bush-era tax cuts.

REICH: FDR 1936, Obama 2012

Nov 3, 2010
An election has come and gone, which means... thinking about the next election. Marketplace Commentator Robert Reich has a few tips for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

Congressman Joe Barton on the Republican's plan for Congress

Nov 3, 2010
Congressman Joe Barton of Texas speaks with Jeremy Hobson about his plans for the House Energy and Commerce Committee and what will happen with the Bush-era tax cuts.

The Fed and treasury securities

Nov 3, 2010
Federal Reserve decides today on how much money it pumps into the financial system, by telling us exactly how many Treasury Securities it's going to buy each month. Scott Minerd explains.