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Texas considers dipping into rainy day fund

Feb 24, 2011
Governor Rick Perry is against the idea, pushing instead for budget cuts.

How to fix Social Security

Feb 23, 2011
Commentator Robert Reich says there's one way to keep Social Security financially solvent. And it doesn't involve cutting benefits or raising the retirement age.

Chicago to vote on residency requirement

Feb 22, 2011
Chicago residents will vote in today's mayoral election whether city employees should live in the city. Other cities that have lifted the requirement have found it leads to even further shrinking of the middle class.

The cost of a soldier deployed in Afghanistan

Feb 22, 2011
Stephan Richter's latest quiz: How much does it cost per year to support one U.S. service member deployed in Afghanistan?

State protests spread

Feb 22, 2011
Wisconsin protests go wide to Indiana and other states across the Midwest. Thousands of public workers are descending on state capitols to protest states' attempts to balance budgets by stripping unions of bargaining power.

Government facing possible shutdown March 4

Feb 22, 2011
Marketplace explores government agency contingency plans if lawmakers can't cut a deal on funding for the rest of this fiscal year.

Bored with budget talks

Feb 21, 2011
After last week's budget roll-outs, Republicans and Democrats continue to blame each other for the impasse over proposed spending cuts. But Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan says he is bored with the budget faceoff, and explains that neither side has proposed a plan that would fix the deficit.

How Social Security can be reformed today

Feb 19, 2011
Presidential historian Julian Zelizer talks about about the historic deal on social security between President Reagan and Tip O'Neill, and how it might reflect on our current situation.

Wisconsin lawmakers target state workers' union

Feb 18, 2011
Wisconsin GOP lawmakers seeking to reduce the state's deficit want to pass a bill that weakens the state workers' union. Steve Chiotakis speaks with Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large for CBS/MoneyWatch, about how budget woes could influence other states to do the same.

How everyday Americans would tackle the budget deficit

Feb 18, 2011
About 800 Americans across the country were asked their opinions on how to solve the U.S. budget deficit. The results did make a substantial dent in the debt.