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Obama seeks power from Congress to merge agencies

Jan 13, 2012
This morning, President Obama will announce that he plans to cut back on government spending by merging a number of government agencies. Will Congress agree to fork over the power?
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Making your own version of the Fed's Beige Book

Jan 12, 2012
The Federal Reserve's Beige Book is a review of economic trends in the country. The Fed's method of gathering data on the economy is pretty simple, though: Just calling around and asking.
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Attitude Check: The American Standard of Living

Jan 12, 2012
How do Americans feel about their standard of living today compared to this time in 2008?
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Economy backtracks after strong holiday season

Jan 12, 2012
This year's holiday season was slightly bigger by volume, but the week after the holidays saw a bit of a slide.
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PODCAST: Obama's $68 million stash

Jan 12, 2012
Top fashion designers launch a campaign today to help raise money for President Obama's re-election, but when fashion gets political, there can be some complications. Marketplace's Economy 4.0 correspondent David Brancaccio explains the Fed's Beige Book. And a look at the Haiti earthquake, which took place two years ago today, shows where all that donation money went.

Soaring student loan debt has bankers nervous

Jan 12, 2012
As the cost of an education rises and students borrow to cover the costs, lenders worry about recouping funds.
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What is it about the economy that bugs you?

Jan 12, 2012
Our Attitude Check this week looks what Americans are concerned about within the economy and also how they feel about the future of their standard of living.
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The 'muddle through' economy

Jan 12, 2012
After all the talk of booming holiday retail sales, December's numbers were up by just a tenth of a point.
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Can good unemployment numbers be bad?

Jan 11, 2012
Commentator Robert Reich says they can be for President Obama.
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Mid-day Extra: As skyscrapers grow, economy could collapse

Jan 11, 2012
Barclays Capital has produced a new skyscraper index, which finds the correlation between the tallest buildings in the world and economic recessions.
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