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Democrats, Republicans release separate debt reduction plans

Oct 27, 2011
Another downgrade could be on the horizon if Democrats and Republicans on the super committee can't agree on a debt reduction plan in the coming months.

Iraq war over

Oct 24, 2011
President Obama says the Iraq War is over and that all U.S. troops will come by year-end. So what will the U.S. be spending in Iraq on Jan. 1, 2012?

Sloan: Candidates' economic plans just fall flat

Oct 24, 2011
Fortune magazine's Allan Sloan explains why the current economic plans being talked about by presidential candidates are unrealistic and purely political.

The problems with the Volcker Rule

Oct 21, 2011
The Volcker Rule is supposed to make the financial world a safer place, but it's only in draft mode right now, and already facing obstacles.

President Obama's jobs plan takes another hit

Oct 21, 2011
After the American Jobs Act failed to pass in its entirety, Senate Democrats have started trying to push pieces of it through Congress. But the roadblocks remain.

Social Security bennies bump up

Oct 19, 2011
Social Security gets its first adjustment since 2009. The average Social Security benefit will rise by $516 to $14,748. Is that a meaningful bump?

Social Security recipients to get cost of living increase

Oct 19, 2011
As retail and other cost of living prices rise, Social Security recipients will get their first increase in monthly payments since 2009.

Reich: Debating America's future

Oct 19, 2011
Labels are routine in conversations about politics. But do those labels limit our debates?

Big business filling campaign coffers

Oct 17, 2011
President Barack Obama has raised $90 million for his re-election. Taken together, the GOP candidates aren't far behind. Marketplace looks at the biggest contributors.

Super committee on deficit to get proposals

Oct 14, 2011
Congressional proposals to slash the deficit have to be in to the super committee by tomorrow. If the committee can't agree, then $800 billion is automatically sliced from the military budget.