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No clear solution to U.S. jobs problem

Sep 6, 2011
As the jobs market stumbles, organizations from the U.S. Chamber of Congress to the White House are suggesting ideas to get Americans working again. But which idea has the best chance of working?

CFPB director confirmation will be an uphill battle

Sep 5, 2011
President Obama nominated Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But Republicans don't want there to be a director at all.

House page program ends

Aug 31, 2011
Today is the last day of the 200-year-old House page program in Washington, but there's a movement brewing to save it.

New economic adviser for Obama

Aug 29, 2011
President nominates a labor economist, Alan Krueger, for chairman of White House Council of Economic Advisers, as the administration focuses attention on jobs.

The website you've been waiting for

Aug 26, 2011
At long last, the Obama administration launches a website that enables would-be wonks to explore the inner workings of federal departments and agencies. You can find it at

Will pledge to withhold campaign donations work?

Aug 25, 2011
Maggie Wilderotter, CEO of Frontier Communications, discusses why she supports a movement among business leaders to halt campaign contributions to Washington lawmakers.

An economics time machine

Aug 22, 2011
Some of the pressing narratives in this current climate are job creation, government debt, the U.S. place in the global economy. So how do we get the American economy working again?

The economic worries of a regular American consumer

Aug 18, 2011
Don Holzschuh has been driving semi-trucks in the Midwest for nearly 35 years. He talks about how he's been trying to survive financially, and why he thinks the recession isn't over.
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Factors pushing the U.S. economy

Aug 17, 2011
It has been a topsy turvy month for the U.S. economy. So how did we get here?

How local government translates big economic news

Aug 12, 2011
The downgrade and the fears of a double-dip recession are making news in Washington, but how are local governments assessing the future? The City of Commerce's city administrator offers his point of view