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European contraction impacts U.S. exports

Jul 2, 2012
Exports have been one of the few bright spots in the U.S. recovery, but they're slowing down.
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PODCAST: Europe makes a deal, Hawaii gets more tourists

Jun 29, 2012
Yesterday's health care ruling is being hailed as good news for people without health insurance. But more than 80 percent of Americans do have health insurance, and more than 55 percent of us get it through our employer. On Sunday, voters in Mexico will go to the polls to elect a new president and a lot of U.S. companies that do business south of the border will be watching very closely. And there's a big EU summit going on in Brussels and it appears leaders have come up with an agreement that may help ease the debt crisis -- at least somewhat.

Transportation deal could be reached in Washington

Jun 29, 2012
Lawmakers in Washington are poised today to approve a bill that provides billions for transportation projects and lowers student loan interest rates.
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The initial economic impacts of the health care decision

Jun 29, 2012
After the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act yesterday, economists are already speculating on what it could mean for the U.S. economy, both in the short and the long-term.
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How Americans feel about their health care

Jun 28, 2012
Ahead of today's health care ruling, we check in with Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport about how Americans feel about their health care, especially compared to the rest of the world.
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American people like some parts of the health care law

Jun 28, 2012
The healthcare law itself may be unpopular but parts of it are quite attractive to the American people, according to Gallup research.
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European crisis like a 'trainwreck in slow motion'

Jun 28, 2012
European leaders are gathering today for yet another summit to save the euro. Economist Diane Swonk says everyone is hoping Europe doesn't derail from the track onto recovery.

PODCAST: SCOTUS makes a decision

Jun 28, 2012
Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on health care. We speak to former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle on how the decision will change the course of the country -- one way or another. Thirty million uninsured Americans have a stake in the ruling, and so do all 50 states. And in tonight's NBA draft, potential draftees have been learning how to present themselves in the business world to help their chances.

Life after bankruptcy for Vallejo, Calif.

Jun 28, 2012
As the city of Stockton, Calif., considers declaring bankruptcy, a nearby town proves that there is life after going bankrupt.
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Can more job training create more jobs?

Jun 27, 2012
Re-training the unemployed might just give some job seekers an edge over others.
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