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March job growth sluggish

Apr 6, 2012
Employers hired many fewer workers in March than in previous months, but the unemployment rate fell for the first time since January.
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What doesn't work in the JOBS Act

Apr 5, 2012
Today, President Obama signs the JOBS Act. The legislation could provide more investment for small business. But critics say the bill could rollback regulations.
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The regional differences in the U.S. job market

Apr 5, 2012
Are some cities doing better than others when it comes to recovery, and a positive outlook for jobs in the near future?
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Early jobs report shows planned layoffs falling

Apr 5, 2012
This morning, the job placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported that the number of planned layoffs dropped last month to a 10-month low -- a good sign as we await unemployment numbers from the government tomorrow.
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Michigan and Detroit agree on deal to help city's deficit

Apr 5, 2012
The city of Detroit has a projected a deficit of more than $200 million his year -- and it could run out of money by June. Last night, Detroit's city council narrowly passed a controversial deal with the State of Michigan.
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Is the European debt crisis resurfacing?

Apr 5, 2012
There are some economic headwinds blowing strong right now. And one of them is coming from Spain where a disappointing bond auction yesterday sent government borrowing costs to a 5 month high and renewed fears about the European Debt Crisis.
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PODCAST: Americans paying off debt, not so much in Spain

Apr 5, 2012
President Obama is slated to sign the JOBS Act into law later today. It's a plan to spur hiring by easing some regulations on small businesses looking for investors, and one provision legalizes something called "crowdfunding." In Spain, the debt crisis continues to worsen, leaving many worried that it will follow in the footsteps of troubled Greece. The Masters golf tournament starts today, and Tiger Woods is back on the heels of his first PGA win in two years.

Good news for the U.S., bad news for Europe

Apr 5, 2012
While the U.S. reported the lowest number of applicants for unemployment benefits last month, Spain is reviving worries about the situation in Europe.
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Which cities have the most jobs?

Apr 5, 2012
According to Gallup's latest polls, Oklahoma City sits at the top of the list of cities that are hiring. A number of California cities round out the bottom of the list.
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'Taxes are a fraud!'

Apr 5, 2012
Commentator P. J. O'Rourke says the sheer complexity of the tax code makes it one giant con.
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