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Visitors try out the massively multiplayer online role-playing game "World Of Warcraft."

The world of "World of Warcraft" is shrinking

May 29, 2015
Numbers we're following, stories we're reading and videos we're watching Friday.

Growing up Zuckerberg

May 28, 2015
Here are the stories we're reading and numbers we're watching Thursday.

In Texas floods, homeowners count the cost

May 27, 2015
Insurance will cover some people. Others couldn't afford the premiums.
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The Snapchat takeover

May 27, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Wednesday.
A for-sale sign is posted in front of a newly built home in January in Novato, California

Home prices and sales are up, but who's buying?

May 26, 2015
Young buyers boost the market and economy, but not to pre-recession levels.
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In Chicago, pedestrians walk by a furniture store, where sales can help indicate broader economic trends.

Here's why we care about durable goods

May 26, 2015
Think of it as an optimism indicator.
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Today in marketing to Millennials: Disney's news site

May 26, 2015
Here are the numbers we're watching and stories we're reading Tuesday.

John Nash's 'beautiful' contribution to economics

May 25, 2015
Mathematician's game theory work benefited business, politics and social science.
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Funeral home fraud rose in 2014, FTC probe finds

May 25, 2015
Rules prevent sale of unneeded items. Directors association says its complicated.
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Fewer people are buying homes, and even less are putting their homes up for sale.

Late springs warms up housing

May 25, 2015
After a dismal kickoff to 2015, the housing economy is picking up.
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