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Papa don't preach (about the election)

Feb 24, 2006
The Internal Revenue Service has been looking at political activity by churches and charities. The tax man says there's some illegal politicking going on, and that could cost non-profits their tax-exempt status. From Washington, Marketplace's Hilary Wicai reports.

Fannie Mae cleans up

Feb 23, 2006
After regulators accused mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae of manipulating earnings to meet Wall Street expectations, the company commissioned a review of itself. The report says Fannie Mae has cleaned house, and that no one responsible for the fraud remains with the company. Amy Scott has more.

Indecent exposures

Feb 23, 2006
Remember that ill-fated "wardrobe malfunction" a few Super Bowls ago? If it seemed like all the indecency hoopla had calmed down since then... it may be back. The Federal Communications Commission may be about to issue dozens of indecency rulings. Amy Scott reports on what that means for the big networks.

Citgo investigation

Feb 22, 2006
The American arm of Venezuela's state-owned oil firm, Citgo, has been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives, which is investigating the company's program to provide heating oil to the poor. Dan Grech reports.

Port insecurity

Feb 21, 2006
Controversy is heating up over an Arab company's plan to take over some US port operations, under a deal approved last week by the Bush Administration. Critics, including Republicans, say the deal could compromise national security. Amy Scott reports.

Renewable energy requires renewable money

Feb 21, 2006
The president continued his 3-state alternative energy tour with a stop at the nation's premier renewable energy lab near Denver, Colorado. But with a history of inconsistent funding, the lab has struggled to stay on track. From the Sustainability Desk, Sam Eaton reports.

Clean Water Act challenged

Feb 21, 2006
The Supreme Court hears arguments today in a case brought by developers looking to limit the reach of the Clean Water Act. Scott Tong reports.

Bush's push for renewable energy

Feb 21, 2006
President Bush visits the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado today to tout his alternative energy agenda. But as Sam Eaton reports, questions remain over whether the nation's top renewable research facility will face budget cuts.

Governors challenge port sale

Feb 21, 2006
Some high-ranking Republicans are fighting a deal that would transfer some US port operations to a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates. But this isn't a left v. right fight. It was the Bush Administration that originally approved the deal last week. Now the governors of New York and Maryland are threatening legal action. Amy Scott tells us what they're trying to do.

Oldies but goodies

Feb 20, 2006
The US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups plan to join forces this week to encourage businesses to hire more people in their 50s. Janet Babin has more.