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Conservation inspired by debt

Oct 1, 2007
This week, Congress will consider forgiving the debt of developing countries in exchange for safeguarding their natural resources. Dan Grech reports that these "debt-for-nature" swaps have worked well before.

Congress trying to lighten up

Oct 1, 2007
Congress is expected to vote on a broad energy package this month, which will also favor more energy-efficent lighting. Sam Eaton has more.

Flush campaigns can't flush away funds

Sep 28, 2007
Presidential candidates are counting up their cash as the quarter closes. Steve Henn reports that the problem isn't how much money campaigns have -- it's how fast they're not spending it.

Carbon tax versus cap-and-trade

Sep 27, 2007
Democratic Congressman John Dingell is proposing ideas to combat climate change today, including a gasoline tax and a surcharge for using fossil fuels. Dan Grech reports some don't find the idea innovative enough.

Lawmakers say delays won't fly

Sep 26, 2007
Congress is following up on a report that flight cancellations and delays are at near-record highs. But lawmakers may want to react carefully to horror stories. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Inspector costs under microscope

Sep 26, 2007
The House is considering a bill today that calls for more inspectors of food and drug imports. But should consumers pay for increased safety, or taxpayers? Sarah Gardner has more.

Panel considers new rules on overdrafts

Sep 25, 2007
A House committee is set to consider a bill that would force banks to let you opt out of overdraft programs. And it would oblige banks to warn you if you're heading into the red with ATM transaction. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Congressman calls out bad campaign

Sep 25, 2007
Democratic congressman Henry Waxman says Department of Transportation staffers campaigned behind-the-scenes to trash California's fuel economy standards. But Bush officials says they've done nothing wrong. Sarah Gardner reports.

President gets heat for climate control

Sep 24, 2007
The U.N. meets today to discuss climate change, a week before President Bush's separate meeting with world leaders on the same topic. But critics say they haven't heard enough specifics from the White House about the latter. Sam Eaton reports.

Congress still figuring out spending

Sep 24, 2007
President Bush is asking Congress for spending bills today for the 2008 fiscal year, which starts next Monday. John Dimsdale reports that the White House is threatening to veto every one close to agreement so far.