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California risks credit downgrade

Jan 23, 2009
California lawmakers are threatening to downgrade the state's overall credit rating, which would have a lot of ramifications for state taxpayers. Rico Gagliano also explains why even out-of-state taxpayers should care.
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Bad economy keeps lobbyists anxious

Jan 22, 2009
With so much federal money up for grabs, one might think Washington's lobbying industry would be preparing for a bonanza. But, economic woes even have people on K Street feeling anxious. Steve Henn reports.

Economic woes limit U.S. foreign policy

Jan 21, 2009
President Obama's inauguration address focused a lot on the economy and foreign policy. But the U.S. economy may play a huge role in determining what can be done overseas. Kai Ryssdal speaks about foreign policy with Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine.

Obama freezes pay, sets ethics rules

Jan 21, 2009
President Obama spent his first full day in office setting ethics guidelines and imposing a salary freeze on White House staffers earning more than $100,000. Kai Ryssdal speaks with John Dimsdale about the president's new policies and his upcoming agenda.

Obama speech: Optimism and economy

Jan 20, 2009
President Barack Obama's inauguration speech touched on hope for the future and the economic troubles we face. Kai Ryssdal looks at what our new president had to say.

Washington not too bad in recession

Jan 20, 2009
Washington, D.C. tends to get a boost from increased government spending when faced with tough economic times, and the current unemployment rate is low. But the region is not immune to hardship. Ronni Radbill reports.

Inauguration: A party for the people

Jan 20, 2009
Everything is ready for the folks who have flooded Washington, D.C. for inauguration, from Jumbo-trons to free and low-cost balls. Celebration events have the common man in mind. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Cell providers prepare for inauguration

Jan 20, 2009
Cell phone providers are wheeling out temporary towers to boost their networks for the Obama inauguration today. Companies expect millions more people to be on the phone or texting. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Want in on inauguration? It'll cost you

Jan 19, 2009
Scalpers are making some gains from the Obama inauguration. Tickets that were passed out for free are being sold for anywhere from $200 to 10 times that amount. Danielle Karson reports.

Can Obama control his team's egos?

Jan 13, 2009
President-elect Obama has taken a "team of rivals" approach in selecting people to serve in his cabinet. Can they work together in support of his goals? Commentator Dan Drezner says it depends on Obama's leadership style.