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EPA makes California fume

Oct 22, 2007
California state officials are getting impatient with the Environmental Protection Agency over regulating greenhouse gas rules. So Governor Schwarzenegger has threated to sue if a decision isn't made by midnight. Sarah Gardner has more.

Poor people supporting poorer people

Oct 17, 2007
A new study offers compelling evidence the labor market has gone global. Roughly 150 million people have left their homes and taken jobs abroad, and they send billions of dollars back home. Steve Henn reports.
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Utilities seek emissions 'safety valve'

Oct 17, 2007
The latest version of a "cap and trade" plan for reducing carbon dioxide emissions is set to be introduced in the Senate. Big utility companies are petitioning the Senate for special relief. Sarah Gardner reports.

Congress stirs over chemical protection

Oct 17, 2007
The House and Senate want to continue the terrorism insurance program established after 9/11, but each has its own version of what should be covered. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on where they differ and why some insurers are concerned.

Candidates' motto: Spend to earn

Oct 16, 2007
The numbers are in for what presidential candidates pulled from fundraisers over the summer, and the Democrats raised twice the amount as the Republicans. But candidates from both parties are spending more than they're raising. Dan Grech reports.

What'll it be -- voting booth or the ziti?

Oct 12, 2007
Commentator Alex Sheshunoff has been curious about campaign finance. In particular, he looked into just how much Americans think their votes are worth.

Buzzword: Hope Now

Oct 12, 2007
The Bush Administration wants to send a little hope to homeowners with a troubled mortgage. And by hope, they mean friendly, encouraging mail.

Americans skeptical about free trade

Oct 12, 2007
President Bush wants Congress to support trade agreements in countries like Colombia and South Korea. But some Americans are wary of free trade. Steve Henn explores what's causing the lack of enthusiasm.

Coal debates light up town meetings

Oct 11, 2007
Some small-town meetings have been drawing big crowds lately, thanks to plans for new coal-fired plants in several states. Sarah Gardner reports that both sides of the debate -- those for and against the plans -- have been showing up to sound off.

R.I.P. for AMT

Oct 11, 2007
Republicans and Democrats agree -- the Alternative Minimum Tax must go. But while Republicans have unveiled a plan to eliminate it, Democrats say it should just be replaced. Steve Tripoli reports.
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