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Geithner: Must take risks to fix crisis

Mar 23, 2009
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Obama administration's plan to get bad assets off banks' books, and what signs he will look for to see economic recovery.
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Taxpayer anger threatens bailout plans

Mar 16, 2009
With taxpayer dollars on the line, anger over AIG is threatening government support for future bailouts. John Dimsdale reports on whether the federal government will have support to help anybody else.

Rate cut expected for Bank of England

Mar 5, 2009
Economists are expecting the Bank of England to cut its interest rates by a half of a percent today, and will also likely announce its intention towards quantitative easing. Christopher Werth explains what that means for the bank.
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Who's hit the worst by the recession?

Mar 4, 2009
New York Times columnist David Leonhardt talks with Kai Ryssdal about who's getting hit the hardest by job losses and why.
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It's a good time to be a lobbyist

Feb 25, 2009
With the federal government rapidly increasing spending and getting more involved in the private sector, business for Washington lobbyists is booming. Ronni Radbill reports.

Do combat personnel get fair pay?

Feb 20, 2009
Michael O'Hanlon at the Brookings Institution estimates the U.S. has spent more than $400,000 per troop in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, Tess Vigeland asks, is the pay in line with the duty?

Are new ethics laws ethical enough?

Feb 4, 2009
President Obama's nomination of former Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle to his cabinet has some raising questions about Obama's new ethics rules. Tamara Keith explores the line dividing government officials and lobbyists.

Commerce nominee a 'stimulating' pick

Feb 3, 2009
President Obama is set to announce New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg as his choice for Commerce Secretary today. By choosing Gregg, Obama may be hoping to soften GOP resistance to his stimulus plan. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Weekly Wrap: All about Obama

Jan 23, 2009
Even with all the bad news about the economy, the main focus of the week was on President Barack Obama. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Fortune Magazine's Leigh Gallagher and The New York Times's David Leonhardt about how the president is addressing the economy and his stimulus package.
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Where GOP stimulus support is needed

Jan 23, 2009
President Obama is meeting with House Republicans next week seeking their support for his economic stimulus package. But it may be more important for Obama to get GOP backing in the Senate. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.