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Katrina profiteering

Aug 17, 2006
Like Iraq, Hurricane Katrina reconstruction has been marred by profiteering, says a report from the nonprofit CorpWatch. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to the group's Pratap Chatterjee about the parallels.
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Earmark forensics

Aug 16, 2006
A watchdog group has launched a campaign to uncover which members of Congress are inserting costly earmarks into spending bills — and they want your help. Scott Tong explains.
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News or commercial?

Aug 15, 2006
The FCC wants to make sure consumers know the difference. It's investigating the use of "video news releases" in TV news broadcasts. Violators could face steep fines and have their licenses revoked. Scott Tong reports.
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Welfare reform: Outcome unclear

Aug 15, 2006
The Brookings Institution Monday released a report on the state of welfare reform 10 years later. Hillary Wicai gives us the highlights.
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Farmers weigh in on immigration

Aug 11, 2006
Texas farmers who depend on immigrant labor plan to call on Congress today to pass a guest worker program. David Martin Davies reports.
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Isabella Lamb for President

Aug 8, 2006
With several important primary elections now underway, commentator Paul Lamb argues that campaign finance reform should be on voters' minds. And short of that, he's going to start saving for his daughter's campaign now.

Ney bows out in Abramoff scandal's wake

Aug 7, 2006
The Jack Abramoff lobbying and corruption scandal in Washington has claimed another victim. Ohio Republican Bob Ney announced today that's he no longer running for reelection for his House seat. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Different pension rules for different industries

Aug 4, 2006
Congress has passed sweeping pension reform, making it harder for companies to promise benefits they can't afford. But some industries got different treatment than others. Scott Tong reports.
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Iowa town warms to influx of immigrants

Aug 2, 2006
Congress is holding field hearings on immigration across the country this summer, but if lawmakers really want to understand the impact of immigration, they should head to Denison, Iowa. Darren Gersh explains.

Are offshore tax shelters fraud — or just shady?

Aug 1, 2006
A Senate report released today finds that more and more extremely wealthy taxpayers are hiding their money in offshore accounts. But is it fraud? Scott Tong reports.
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